5 Cleaning and Organizing Tips to a Successful Party at Home 

When you’re planning to host a party at home, you’ll find that it seems like no matter how long you clean or how much you organize stuffs, there’s always more that you could do. The most effective way to prepare your house to host a party is through decluttering and cleaning some very vital areas. Therefore, you must understand that as long these vital areas are clutter free and clean, then your guests will definitely feel welcome and comfortable in your home. In this article, you will learn some helpful tips on how to organize and clean your house effectively and efficiently so you become 100% ready to host your party.

Cleaning and Organizing

Since you already have invited your guests, agonized over activities, and developed a menu, your guests will soon be arriving at your doorstep ready to be entertained and welcomed. Despite all other party preparations, none is more essential than making sure that your guests can have a clean and comfortable place to be entertained in. That is the reason why you should make sure that your entire house will be ready for guests. Follow these ideas to make sure that your guest will have fun during your hosted party at home:

1. Evaluate What Has to Be Done

You can write down a quick list of places and rooms in your house that need most attention and base your cleaning and organizing plan on it. Do not forget coat closets and entry areas as well as they are some of the first areas your guests will be able to see.

2. Start with the Most Important Areas

It will likely help to start cleaning from your home’s entryway, and after that you can work your way through the areas you think your visitors are most likely to go. You can also check out some intense cleaning guides on the net for bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas in case you still have enough time. But if you don’t, then just make sure that they are pleasing to the eyes of your guests.

3. Never Disregard the Clutter

Clutter can definitely give a spotless house a really messy appearance. When you host a party at home, you need to make sure that you are able to give your guests enough room so they can freely move in your home. If you are having some trouble getting rid of your stuffs, ask yourself if you really need those items or not. In that way, you will be able to keep the items that you really use frequently and store away some stuff that you not use anymore. You can also jump start this task by using a small junk drawer so you can put away the items that you do not need anymore. In addition, you can temporarily keep away some of your things in the closet or drawer during the party and just place it back in their original locations afterwards. That way, you are able to give your guests more space.

4. Take Shortcuts that Will Work Best for You

If you know that there will be no children at the party as well as your guests will only be staying in your living area, then you should not worry about detailing and cleaning family bedrooms. In addition to that, if your party is quite informal, it is okay that you serve dishes that way too. Try to find more ways to save time that can fit the self-host party you are trying to have.

5. Prepare for Some Cleaning Emergencies 

You should be aware that stains are definitely the most dreaded party clean up culprit. Usually, it starts from your kitchen countertops especially if you use tiles instead of granite countertops. If you have a tiled kitchen countertop, the stains are probably much harder to remove as it can go deep to the grout. But with a granite kitchen countertop, you can simply clean it off. You can also stock up on your preferred stain removal products so you can remove the stains right away after the party. The longer the stain will sat there, the hard it is to remove. Therefore, make sure that you can get rid of them right away. Most of all do not get stressed. These things usually happen and simply being prepared only proves more of your ability as a party host or hostess. What’s important is that you have successfully hosted a party and your guests had fun, giving you a totally fulfilling achievement.



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Why Granite Countertops are a Perfect Match to Your Kitchen 

When you walk in any modern kitchen nowadays, the trendiest, sought after and in demand item is a granite kitchen countertop. Whether it’s in an apartment or residential home, inside a doctor’s office or break room in retail stores, or in other luxurious style rooms found in upscale hotels across the nation, or in any suites, granite countertop is used.


When you use a granite countertop in your kitchen, your house will be a more welcome place for both your invited guests and family members. As a matter of fact, granite countertops can take your home’s kitchen from boring to an enjoyable one without losing the room’s original functionality. In fact, new granite countertops can even add more functionality to your kitchen than it was before. In this article, we have gathered some of the benefits of installing granite countertops in your kitchen which you can consider if you are planning to remodel your kitchen.

1. Kitchen value

Granite countertops give an elegant touch to your interior. Once your kitchen has granite countertops, it will look totally different – more high-end and elegant, adding more value to your kitchen, and your house as a whole.

Granite can also bring the outdoors inside your home. And any time you add outside elements to the interior of your house, especially something that is eco-friendly like the granite, you can substantially increase your home’s overall value. Even thought it might not add too much to the resale value of your home, it will definitely add appeal to potential home buyers if ever you decide to put your house on sale in the future.

2. Durability

Granite is considered a tough stone with really high durability. Even though you do some rough cooking in your kitchen, your countertop will still remain just fine. In addition to that, you’ll not also scratch it very easily since granite kitchen countertops use special seal too. You would find a hard time finding a more durable countertop that is based on stone than granite. It is extremely tough, which simply means the surface of the stone will not be easily chipped or scratched. If the sealer of the stone is applied professional, it can generate much better results in the long run, extending the life of your countertop while helping it resist stains at the same time.

3. Natural look

Granite has natural drawing and pattern on it, which means it can give you a natural looking nice pattern that is after all worth the price.

4. Less Dirt and Bacteria

Being without pours and really sleek, your granite kitchen countertop will be free of dirt and bacteria. If you happen to spill some sauce or batter on it, you’ll be able to clean it easily by just wiping it off. Since its surface is not porous, dirt and bacteria will not live in it, which means your kitchen is free from grime that is commonly found on kitchens and countertops. The sealed, smooth surface of the granite also allows you to prepare food much easily as you can easily move the anything on it.

5. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance 

Granite countertops only need small effort to clean it and maintain it. Simply wipe it with warm water with the use of soft towel every time you are finish with cooking or preparing meal, and your granite kitchen countertop will be clean and free from dirt once again.

6. Repairable stone

With a granite countertop, you can easily repair the stone whenever you need to. Since it is small, you can also be able to replace it easily with the help of professional installers. Fortunately, with the help of professional companies that install granite countertops, your kitchen countertops will be able to stay in their good condition at all times.

7. Family friendly

Since it can’t be broken easily, every member of your family can comfortably and safely make their own kind of cooking experiment without being afraid to mess up or ruin the granite countertop. This can even help unveil the creative side of them since they can freely do what they want to do in the kitchen without having to worry about damaging the countertop.

8. Heat resistance

Granite countertops are resistant to cold and heat that is why you will find it comfortable and fun to use when you are cooking. You can directly put pans and hot pots of it without creating any damage to it, making your cooking experience and meal preparation routine a whole lot easier.



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